Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday Roundup!

Well, here we are again, at the end of another week. I'm really not sure where the time goes. It's been an interesting one, with the beginning of my crafting and the partner's Uni work hand ins!

I went shopping before the snow hit in Pontypool. This in itself is an interesting concept, as there are very few "shops" in Pontypool that one might actually want to shop in. The line-up includes Greggs and Brighthouse, the latter I've never seen before living here.

There is however a market struggling along in Ponty. I try, where I can, to support it's occupants - so here's a shout-out to the couple who run Pontypool's Sewing and Knitting Center. I appreciate it's not the most original of names...but there's wool and needles and cotton.

I proceeded to buy a pattern far too complicated for myself at the moment and it's apparently written in some form of crafting language I have yet to decipher. Here is the little devil below.

So I gave up on that and decided to start from the beginning and ask the all knowing brain (internet) for help. And low and behold it was helpful. Although I used the wrong wool/yarn for the pattern and although I used the wrong sized crochet hook I still managed to produce a scarf for my daughter.

I'm not sure my currently speed of crocheting could possibly result in a lucrative business just yet! I definitely need to get quicker and neater and more technical for that! However, it was fun and I've already had one friend request a scarf for themselves.

I've also taken the opportunity to think about my novel, after retrieving the first chapter I had "hidden" (which is code for deleted) from myself from my best mate from school, a Ms Page. I've been pointed to a site called Authonomy so I'm going to re-read, redo and add to what I've already done and post it there for constructive criticism (code for emotional pillaging).

But....before I go and wish you all a lovely week ahead I thought I'd leave you with a paragraph or two!

"Thank god I was sat down 'cause I think my Mum just gave me two hundred and fifty thousand pounds. Now, if I believed in karma then I must have done something right. I was stunned, overjoyed and I started to laugh but I didn't really believe in karma at all, nice people had shit throw at them all the time. I stopped laughing. I now felt slightly guilty and also like someone was playing a big fat joke on me and I had no idea why."
"I had no idea what to do with this new found luck, but I was now totally in the mood for a night out on the town. But you know what they say about luck, something about the only thing about it is that it will change? Well, lucky for me I didn't know then what I knew now, or I may never had made the decisions that changed my life for good."

They say fortune favours the brave...wish me luck my lovelies!



  1. All the best Hon & I hope to see you in Feb :)

  2. Practice, practice, practice! You will get faster I promise.
    I can knit, not as good as my gran was but I can knock out something decent. Although I stick to baby things I just don't have the attention span to knit miles of the same pattern ie sleves and backs