Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Ben's Cookie's Ben's Cookies Oh! - where for art thou...

If you're like us, there may be a spot of white stuff about your house! It's all rather impressive here in the Welsh Valleys. It looks a little like some far away land of ice.

To combat the rising houseboundness and the lack of Ben's Cookies in Pontypool (oh the PAIN), the boy made Cookies! They were SO good that I ate them all. In one go. I never do that. Nope.....never ever.....

He used the following old school recipe but replaced the margarine with butter. The cookies were served HOT with the chocolate bits still melty.

They were totally nom and then they were totally gone.

Back to Ben's Cookies - for anyone who does not know of this lovely business the website is linked below. Before I visited them I'd never really had a thing for cookies....

OMG They Deliver!

I'd love to open a franchise in Pontypool....HINT! But I'd probably be the size of a house by the end of the first month.

And to end this midweek blog a bit of fun from the Council....yes, you read that right. LOCAL COUNCIL IN FUNNY LINK SHOCKER!

Peace out DUDES!


  1. You gotta try my cookie recipe:

    And you have to try Nigella's Choc-chip mint cookies.

    AND I'll post my recipe for choc chilli cookies on my blog some time, they are the BEST!!!

  2. Ooooooooooh! Lovely Jan! I asked today how much the market stall would be for the week and it's £25.00 if I go for it I will sell your cookies and call them Jan's Fancy Pants Cookies!