Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

So, here we are! 2013 here's to it being everything everyone wants and needs!

Just wanted to update my blog with my latest thoughts. I'm thinking of selling Jamie Oliver cookware and I'm in the middle of designing a logo for my children's clothing designs. The Jamie Oliver cookware will be used on this blog mostly! My partner, amongst other things, likes to bake. A lot.

One thing his medication has done has changed the way his body processes food and as a result of this and his current lack of martial arts training he's put on about 4 stone we think.

Whilst he wants to loose this weight he also wants to bake. My answer is to allow him to create and we can advertise the food here to you all! If only there was smello- vision you could all take part a bit more. They'll be a mixture of food for you all to see. I'll post up the recipes and maybe sell a few pots and pans along the way. Here's just one lovely example of his brilliance:

The children's clothes are really a second thought from my following a couple of other bloggers and admiring their style and content. Also, on New Year's Eve I received a tweet from a friend which linked me to the following:

 6 Harsh Truths

There's a part in the article that talks about how for successful people work is who they are. This thought along with the blogs I've seen and admire bought me to the conclusion that perhaps I should not focus on one thing, but all the things that I am and I can make a living partly through that. So this blog will be eclectic and varied and may not always flow but it will be me!

It also talks about how you can only earn money from things that you know that other people don't and that they need. I'm half sold on this, bartering is always how the human race has gotten along but the article says it matters not if you are kind, but being "kind" is the way in which we get along. Those who are kind can help people see their best points and they are invaluable in society. They show us the best in ourselves and lead us to make decisions that are not completely selfish.

Signing off for now as my little one has awoken slightly frightened and in need of a cuddle!

Good luck for the year! xxx


  1. I can certainly vouch for the food...its nomaliscious (and yes, that is now a word!)

  2. Thanks Emily - I know all positive comments mean loads to himself :). Very glad you enjoyed the food!