Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Crumbles...what can you say about them? For years I was an odd eater. Some might say I still am now. However, the obsession with crumbles came after a conversation with boy (how the other half is known). It went along the line of "how the hell do I make a crumble"...response from boy was "it's bloody easy you lazy woman". I proceeded to go out and shop for crumble bits, bought a bottle of wine to go with it (as you do). Got home, dumped bits in kitchen, opened wine drunk. Some time after this (months) I finally make a crumble. This is not that crumble. But it IS one of ours. So far my faves are berry crumbles. I still can't get the apple ones to go squishy enough). Great tip - put a hard cheese in the pastry part and pepper. Gives it a kick!


  1. When I make apple crumble I cook the apple (obviously cut and chunked) in the microwave for a couple of minutes first, in a Pyrex dish with a tablespoon of water. I sometimes add a little sugar, but only if the apples are very sour, like Bramleys). Then I put the crumble topping on, and if I'm adding blackberries or something I'll put that in with the apples then too. Then bake in the oven - no problem with the apples being too hard as they're soft before I start. If you don't have a microwave or don't like using them, you could just stew the apple a bit instead, I suppose.

  2. Thanks :) - yes stewing them first is the answer :D - might try it with cinnamon....okay now I'm hungry!