Monday, 18 June 2012

First things first

Good morning world.

Not sure what to say for my first post. This is a blog about my life, about me trying to define my life and my style. I'm a first time mum, 13 weeks (ish) in, so it's going to have quite a lot about that in it!

My life is also about the people in it, the closest being my other half, who sufffers from a mental health problem, so...there will be something about that in it too!

I'm hoping by blogging I can focus on my days instead of just letting them slip past me. I suffer from some sort of vagueness (yes that's a word now), whereby I have a lot of ideas but no follow through. I use pinterest, it allows me to visualise my perfect life, it even sometimes suggests on how to follow through.

For example, things I've started and not finished:

A career - this has then effected my earning ability
A novel - first chapter down
A childrens' book - characters drawn by other half. Outline completed
Learning how to sew (there's a half stuffed cat somewhere about the place)
My own style (I range from don't care to spending money that I don't have on things)
Balance - underperformance is my middle name (even my Boomkin agrees and yes, I play wow).

So - where to start with improving any of this? Who knows. As I've said, this blog is mostly for my own soul searching. I would say lets see where it goes, but going on past experience, not far!

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  1. Hi. I do hope you enjoy your blog. I started mine at the end of 2009, and it transformed my life. I started writing it anonymously, because I was so ashamed of my diagnosis of schizophrenia but kind of needed to think it all through aloud. And before long I had decided that actually perhaps I didn't have schizophrenia after all (based on the fact that I had been free of meds and symptoms for more than ten years) and ... well, to cut a long story short, writing a blog was a really cathartic process. You write well, by the way, so get on and finish that novel. And then write the second one! Louise x