Sunday, 27 April 2014

Knitting my life together

Good evening dear blog readers.

I'm currently using my blog as a journal, just to get myself back in to using it a bit and to see where it might go next. It's been quite a long time since I blogged regularly, I'm not sure I was very focused with the direction of it, was it lifestyle, style, food? I then wandered in to politics and then unfortunately it would appear an anxiety driven condition that I'm currently still suffering from and I stopped writing completely.

I finished my Open University course and passed it quite well, which was excellent but I was subsequently due to start a college course that I didn't pursue. I started a part-time job from home which is flexible but has taken up my time somewhat so my exploration in to myself and a new direction stalled as did my own writing.

At the moment I have quite a few ideas floating around my head for interesting blog posts relating to how we deal with those wishing to work with a disability and also on motherhood and crowd funding. Also, our big news is that we might be moving again! This time to a more permanent and substantial smallholding with extended family and I'm hoping that this will allow me time to be more creative and learn some of the crafts I've been inspired by over the last couple of years! I've already chosen a name for the Farm! Rest assured I shall be posting all my efforts on here and hopefully if I practice enough be able to sell a few bits and bobs.

I touched on the fact that I've been suffering from anxiety in my previous post, and it's certainly taken it's toll on my ability to deal with multi-tasking and my ability to focus. It's also given me insight to my previous behavior and how I might have been suffering from anxiety for many years but have managed to push it in to self contained boxes, for example I don't drive or fly. I shall hopefully be getting some therapy so that's a bit of a journey!

On a family note, my little girl is now two and growing more and more everyday which is delightful and awe inspiring and also scary as shit.  I'll leave it there for now and hope you enjoy the small one's masterpiece below!

Fare thee well until next time,
K x

Friday, 18 April 2014

Those that wander are not always lost.

Just a quick update from me to say sorry for the lack of posts! I've been suffering from a depression which I'll touch on in later posts I'm sure. I started this blog as a form of self expression and discovery so it would seem I need to go down some interesting routes whilst doing this.

To get back in to this I may use this blog as a journal for a while.

Much love,
Kay and Jas x